Merlin Owner's...

What's your favorite color?
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Unfortunately, I could only afford a pair of the Magic Mods, rather than the MX's, and MMs only come in studio black.

If I had to pick my own color, though, I might go with Ice Black Blue. It's sort of a midnight blue with subtle hints of color that just sort of brighten up the room.

(Listen to me! I sound like some kind of weird metrosexual Martha Stewart audiophile!)

The Ruby Reds were a bit much, in my view. WAF could be a problem with something so in-your-face. I'd like those better if they were just as subtle as Ice Black Blue, only with slight undertones of red.
Order up another Black Ice Blue!

Do you think "Strawberry Cream" would be too much? How about a light "Pearl Blue" or "Grey Blue"? My favorite is "Ice Blue". The MX's would be in a dedicated room. I saw a "Cashmere Beige" that looked good
The Ruby reds are a terrific color! They're a deep rich red, certainly not obnoxious red. Goes well in my biege family room, which has dark red curtains, and a dark red area rug. I think this color doesn't photo well, as mine look better than most pictures.

WAF?? Heck, I would have a hard time justifying their departure from my home, given their color, size, sonics and all!!

Hopefully I will be able to swing the MX upgrade in the near future!
I want a pair in Fly Yellow...
Piano Black hands down. Black/Blue ice second favorite color.
I agree with 1markr, the colors are tough to photograph accurately. My Moss Green is beautiful, but it looks different than in most of the photos. In real life, it can look like a dark, British racing green in bright light, and almost black when in dimmer or indirect light. The auto-type gloss reflects in a way that seems to fool the camera lens...Cheers, Spencer
I've seen a picture of a pair of ferarri yellow tsms somewhere. Having a pair of speakers to match my corvette would be cool, wouldn't it? I'm a sucker for yellow.

That being said, I'd have to vote for the black ice blue...those are just awesome.
The TSM's can be seen at the Signature Sound Website.
Tabl, I thought that's where I'd seen it! I looked, and sure enough, there it is.

Wow, I sure like that color more than I remember...One day whenever I buy me a pair of VSM-MXs, or whatever will the the creme de la creme, I think I might have to go for yellow...
Will that be with or without sunglasses?
i love the piano black because it is the most elegant, timeless and goes with everything.
the green moss though, is also spectacular.
I'm gonna go with Moss Green when I order the MX although I am tempted with the timelessness of piano black, it fits in any decor. Maybe my wife will make the final decision on this matter :)
I also have gone with piano black for the VSM-MX's, now I just have to figure out how to explain to my wife why the speakers look so much better all of a sudden :)
Tabl, with sunglasses of course... I wish I hadn't found that picture again. A pair of yellow vsm-mxs would look killer in here. Med school can't end fast enough...
just a though and my opinion of course but loud colors do take away from the enjoyment of the music in the end. i once owned a pair of light oak snell ias and always thought they sounded bright and would not disappear. i have found that darker speakers do diappear and because they draw less attention to themselves, allow you to get into the performance and the music to a greater degree. physco acoustics? you bet!
I almost always listen with my eyes closed and/or with the lights off. Even looking at my speakers, I'd swear they weren't playing. I have a hard time believing that even a flashing neon vsm wouldn't disappear even with my eyes open:-)
that would be just about as bad as that pair of bumble bees we made for rich at signature sound. man, i got a crazy headache just putting those things together.
The spesker's were finished in a Bee paint job?
They were just yellow. W/ the drivers and especially w/ the black covers the have the black/yellow bee look.

One day, bobby, one'll be putting together yet another pair of yellow speakers...

the color is actually a volkswagen color, i think it was imola or emola yellow. and to me they looked like the biggest dammed bumble bee i have ever seen. super sharp but hard to live with in a traditional environment of my wife's antiques and persian rugs. i would imagine they look killer at rich's though. if you want the speakers to steal the show in a room, you are on the right track with those ones.
Bobby, even if your VSM-MX speakers were available only in primer flat chartreuse with baby crap yellow racing stripes, I would still have to have a pair. The sound is that good! The MX upgrade is everyhing I heard at CES this year. I could not be more pleased!
heh steve,
great to hear from you and really glad you are enjoying the mx. keep me posted on the breakin and where they end up for you.i'll think about the color thing but i'm not sure it would fly.
coming to see me in vegas?
FWIW... I love my Imola Yellow TSM-MX!!! Yes, the color is a VAG (Volkswagen Audi Group) color. It was one of the few colors available on the 2003 20th Anniversary Edition VW GTI if you want to get specific.

My main listening room is kinda dark (not much natural light) so the color of the speakers stands out nicely ;-) and they sound great too! The pictures do not do the speakers full justice. The color does not distract me from listening and has not seemed to bother the customers that have seen/heard them in my room.

Anyway, its hard for me to pick a favorite color, but I have been bugging Bobby to do a pimped out VSM-MX in Piano Black with chromed rods, esotar tweeter faceplate, and logos :-) :-) :-)
I just noticed that Bobby has a zero FB rating..can he be trusted?
Hehe :)
i wouldn't trust me either!
Maybe you could put low rider airshocks on those and raise/lower them via remote ;-)

low rider tsm mxs?
he'll have to move to nm.
"Maybe you could put low rider airshocks on those and raise/lower them via remote ;-)"

Either that or I need to figure out some way to make a matching sub with 20" drivers so you can have a set of dubs with your blingin VSMs.... now of course those twenties will need some spinnah styled grills! :-) :-) :-)

[yes, rich has seen way too many episodes of MTV's Pimp My Ride and Spike TV's Riding with Funk Master Flex]
What the hell are you talking about?
Another vote for black ice blue...

Some slang definitions for Bobby... :-)

dub's - big chrome 20" wheels.. so when I was referring to a dub sized subwoofer I was talking about a sub with a 20" driver...
spinnah's - AKA spinnazz, spinners, spreewells... you know, those big crhome wheels with free spinning centers
bling - chrome, gold, diamonds - i.e. flashy stuff
I'll take any color.
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we are researching black chrome which would be killer.
Standard or Custom pricing?
i don't quite get what you mean.
but if it pertains to black chrome being a premium finish it will be.
That's what i meant. Would it be available this year?
no idea yet. we are still researching it.
how about some diamond studs embeded in them????????
now thats bling bling.
(p.s. i knew i should of ordered the clear coat finish. i feel left out of this post)
How about a chrome Ice Black Blue?
How would an 845 based amp sound with MX's on avaerage?
I bet black chrome would be incredible... Not glossy yellow, mind you, but incredilbe nonetheless ;-)

Why not removing the analog crossovers and making the speakers digital to remove their inherent "problems" as well...j/k
an 845 based amp will sound wonderful on the vsm mx. i would still rather have an otl as an absolute but heh, we are all different.
blue black chrome is too far out there for us to reasearch right now. one step at a time.
digital crossovers have many positive attributes and are incredibly precise. but the vsm has very tight amplitude and phase especially if it is listened/tested at the musical center and 10 degrees off axis as recommended. this type of measured response is as flat or flatter than any i have seen in stereophile. and when you take into consideration that the drivers work incredibly well as a pair and offer fabulous self damping characteristcs you can spend a lot more time developing the specific characteristcs of the components in the audible path. we have much better believability and musicallity on our side with passive devices. the choice of course is ultimately yours but i know what i would prefer hands down.
Would a 211 based amp work also?
well of course it would but again just consider that some of these lower powered amps have limitations in bass definition and extension. and thet they will have problems playing large complex orchestration at higher volumes. if you are after a liquid nature though, you are looking in the right direction.
but i know you, you just have to be different, don't you?
Ya got that right! Besides, there are'nt any Joules to be found used.
just keep looking for a joule, berning, cat jl3 or ma1 atmas and you'll have all you need for any kind of music.
I already spend too much time on AA.