Merlin MMe - Bi-Wire or Single Wire

I am a little unclear as to what Merlin seems that they want a single run of wire with the jumpers utilized...anyone confirm this?

The reason for the question is that I have them bi-wired and sounding great, and it is a pain in the neck to undo the amp side of this bi-wire arrangement...if I am totally wrong then I will keep things as is...

It is indeed one of the great mysteries that they set the speakers up for biwiring yet the party line is to use a single run - best to call Bobby P and ask him...
Merlin recommends single wire with the cardas jumpers and zobel network (if needed) supplied by Merlin. I use mine in this manner and they sound great. Of course, its all up to your ears. If you enjoy the bi-wire setup, so be it. But, given Melin's strong recommendation for the single wire setup, its probably worth the experiment to make sure you're getting the most out of the TSM's. Also, I suggest adhering closely to Merlin's recommendations in regard to setup, i.e. listening distance, toe-in, etc. With proper set-up the TSM's are truly outstanding speakers.
Cruz is correct. I also had a bi-wire set-up(internal) with my SE's/M's and enjoyed the sound even though I was placed 7ft and not the recommended 9ft away.
The jumper's are 15g which offer's enough impedance to allow them blend with the woofer.
I caved and experimented in every which way...ultimately decided on bi-wired with zobel was close though!
Best to call Bobby on that one, he will set you right. But as I recall a conversation with him, the concern is about having the right wire gauge for tweeters, in case of bi-wire. That's why the use of jumpers is strongly recommended.
Good luck!

Chadlesko, one thing I would point out, is that you experimented over such a short time frame that subtle differences in the set ups may not have been apparent. Bi-wire may very well work best in your setup, but I would suggest putting the single wire and jumpers back in for 40-50 hours of listening and then change back. In this manner, your frame of reference is greater and you will more easily distinguish differences in the two setups. Just a thought.
c, the merlin lead free jumpers are the right gauge so they allow a perfect balance between the woofer and tweeter. with them being lead free the sound will be less pointed, more expansive and tonally fuller. it may make you feel better to use the bi-wire but in the end and after a long critical listening, the jumper is best. unless your bi-wire is lead free and 15 guage on the tweeter which is doubtful.
chris, the speakers are set up for bi amping again with the right gauge wires.
i do so at home with marginal improvements.
Thanks everone for your responses...I am changing my system in many areas...just this moring I switched the speakers to the other side of the room...clearly I have a lot of fun work to wife thinks I have lost it!

I will take the recommendation to single wire for a long duration of time...