Merlin in small room? (or what?!)

I am thinking about either Merlin (VSM or TSM--tell me what you think is better & why) or Martin-Logan. Because of the room size, I think I am limited to the Aerius. My room is small and weird shaped. About 15 x 15 feet and open on one side to a kitchen that's a bit larger. One speaker is near a side wall (2 feet), the other speaker has no wall beside it. I can pull the speaker about 18 inches off the front wall. Which speaker do you think will work best?
Forget the Logans, or any planars for that matter. Planars generally need some elbow room, and more importantly, symmetrical room placment. The planars will be outputting half their sound towards the back wall, and side walls to some extent. Having one in a completely different geometry than the other will mess with the soundstage. Logans in particular are very picky as far as placement, even in a symmetrical environment. I would strongly recommend smaller cone speakers. You mention the Merlins, which are very nice, and you might also consider ProAcs. Both of these have excellent imaging and clarity, and they are not as picky for placement. The Logans are sexier looking speakers, but you should wait until you have a room that will do them justice sonically.
I concur. With asymetrical placement, the nearfield is the only option you have left. I don't mean to knock it, cause when it works, there's nothing better than listening in the nearfield. However, you still need minimal acoustic treatment, and shying away from it leads to mid-fi sound IMHO.
The above responses are all credible. There is one important factor left out of your inquiry, your associated electronics. It is at the least differcult, if not impossible to suggest or recommend speakers without knowing anything of the corresponding equipment you plan to match them with. At least in my opinion. Best of luck.......