Merlin Excalibur Speakers - Any Owners?

I ran into some interesting speakers today that I had never heaed of, called Merlin Excaliburs (Merlin Excalibur III: used, probably 5+yrs old). I was impressed by the way they reproduced single instruments (especially piano) and their soundstage for orchestral works (I was also impressed by their size).

Does anyone have experience with these speakers which they can relate? I am interested in all opinions. Please note associated components if possible.
Yes I have a pair of Excalibur III's and I use them in my secondary system, currently a bridged pair of Jeff Rowland model 1's a consummate pre-amp, an EAD 9000 DA and 7000 transport and cardas Golden cross. It is a very laid back system and sounds very vinyl like but the resolution with the Merlins is excellent and they have a wide and deep sound stage. They are an excellent speaker and do a lot of things very right including the mid-range they do not have the focus of my Dunlavy SC-5's but what does? or have quite the bass response but they also have a wider soundstage and they never muddle up regardless of the musical complexity. If you get a chance to purchase some for a reasonable price they should keep you quite happy as I know mine do drop me a line if you would like more info.
Mikeltm, thank you very much for your answer. I may try to have another go at them. Specifically I enjoyed their ability to play complex orchestral music and keep it all together, something which the smaller Merlins didn't do nearly as well. I'll keep you posted either way.
Hey if anyone has Merlin Excalibur for sale I’d love to ha e them. I am trying to collect Merlin’s for my collection I have 2 b’s sig 4 ‘s and 1-1 ‘s but would love a pair of Excalibur.