Meridian561 DAC vs Proceed DAP

Hello Everyone,
I am interested in improving my CD playback quality. I now own a Meridian 561 Pre/Pro and Have a Wadia 8 Transport. I was wondering how good is my 561 vs the Proceed DAP. If anyone could give me some idea it would be great help Thank You very much for viewing and any inputs.

The 561 used 20 bit crystal dac's. These are excellent dac's and probably will sound better then the proceed DAP. The dap, despite the fact it is still sold by proceed, is very old in terms current technology. I would recommend a newer dac, from meridian or whomever. The meridian is the 566 24 bit and for the price is probably the best dac on the market, or upgrade to there new 568 processor.

Hello There,
Thank You very much for your reply. I have check with many people too about this and many of people say about the same thing. Thank you very much for your time and effort.

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