meridian vs. metronome

I currently own a Meridian 506 (18). I am quite happy with this cd player but I was considering changing , possibly to a Metronome cd 1. Does anyone have any info comparing the two players? Is it worth the money to change?
Incidentally the rest of the system is BAT vk3i , vk500, and maggie 3.5s with audioquest python and calderas
Metronome s/s or tubed version? Do you need or want upsampling? Balanced outputs? The CD 1 (correct me if I'm wrong) might not offer balanced outs, which you will need and doesn't offer upsampling, however, the CD 2 does.

Metronome is a fine product but so is your 506. May not be worth spending the xtra $ unless you require or want the xtra features, (upsampling) or an overall change in sound, (tubed version).

my 2 cents.....
The Meridian 506 doesn't have balanced outputs -- the 508 has them. I suppose if he's fine with the single-ended outputs of the 506 he's not necessarily looking for a balanced-out player.