Meridian sounds best with Meridian?

I have the 508.24 CD player, CJ pre-amp, Bryston amp, PMC speakers. System sounds divine. Anyone have a full blown Meridian system?-amp,pre-amp,speakers? I was curious if this player needs Meridian equipment around it to shine more than it already does. Kind of like Linn equipment sounds best with Linn equipment, you know?
I think the Meridian CD players sound fantastic w/anything you run w/them. A total Meridian system, w/the digital speakers, sounds very analytic and crisp to me. I have listened to all-Meridian systems quite a bit at my dealer's, who has about 4 listening rooms set up w/various meridian combos displayed. These systems are tempting, because you only need a CD player and a set of digital speakers and you are ready to roll--no interconnects, speaker cables, DA converters, preamps, power amps, etc. The Meridian digital speakers include all this equipment, and Meridian supplies the cabling. But I found i like the softer edges and plummier sound that nondigital equipment gives me w/the Meridian CD player. Many people disagree, however.
I own a 508.24 and used to use it with a 557/502 combo. I now use it with a ML 383. I do think that Meridian does try and create their products with synergy so they work well together. I base that on the fact that Meridian made a change to the first generation 557 amp to work a little better with their 502 pre.

With that said, I think the 508.24 will work fine with other brands. I don't think they do anything to the 508 to make it work with theirs and cause it to not work well with other brands.