Meridian Owners 502 to G02 an upgrade?

Is G02 a step up from 502? What is the sonic different? Is it subtle or night and day? Thank you
I have just purchased a meridian Go2 and was using the 502 prior to the switch. I felt that they share alot of the same house sound if you will. But the G02 retrieves gobs of detail that the 502 as good as it is, appeared to glaze over. It also offers better timing and pace and attack if that makes sense, in my opinion and system. I am currently putting the intial hours for breakin on my G02 and feel it was worth the upgrade for me. I do expect to hear some changes once it completes the breakin period. Same meridian features, lots of option in the menu. I also noticed that the clear cover on the display is glass on the Go2 not plastic like the 502. It is built better all around. The remote is also built better (metal case) and back light as well. I do like the G02 better. I feel that if you liked the 502 then you should appreciate the changes and what stayed the same/similar in the G02. Is the change night and day? I feel in alot of aspects it is, but I also like that the meridian "house sound" in their preamps is still there, just more transparent and detailed. I hope this helps with what you were looking for. I purched my G02 from Pf7 member I believe was his audiogon ID and he is an authorized meridian dealer and was very helpful. Good luck

Hello Peter,
After listening to your GO2 and now that it is totally broken-in, is there a chance that you may be able to voice a second opinion.

Thx Terry