Meridian/McIntosh tech help

I have a meridian 568 preamp/pro matched with a McIntosh 7106 6 channel amp. My question is how can I connect a trigger from the meridian to the Mac for auto on power. The amp has this option, but I don't think the processor does. The power for the amp is in the back and it's a real pain to turn on. Any suggestions are appreciated.


There is no trigger on the Meridian processor. Meridian suggests using a 562 in conjunction with your 568 to provide triggers.
You might want to go to Rat Shack and get a wall wart that has variable output and polarity. See if that can be configured to send a signal to the mac amp. Then, just plug the wart into a switched outlet on your meridian and you're home. Any trying to do the same thing with myh McIntosh MX-110 to turn on a McIntosh MC-252.