Meridian M10 "amps" needed

Lost the built in amp bases of my M10 speakers in hurricane Sandy. Hoping this depressing situation can be corrected if anyone knows of a pair of the bases for sale,or had experience building crossovers for the M10 so it can be used with outboard amps.
I would also consider buying another complete pr. of M10s if the price was REASONABLE!thanks
Has Meridien sought to help you on this tine if trouble" It would make a great P.P. moment for Meridien as well. Have you even sent out any feelers on this??
Mechans I will try contacting Meridian but since the M10 was made so long ago I'm not expecting anything worthwhile. There are Meridian chat pages I can join as well but I suspect very few people either have extra "bases" or have attempted built their own x'overs for outboard amps!