Meridian Help

Hey guys,

Just upgraded to a meridian 568.1 with a 562.2 switcher. I'm using a sony cd/dvdr unit for all digital needs. My question is would you just use the digital connection or would you go analog also? Benefits of it would be?
I would go onto the meridian website and verify that the 562.2 does not convert analog to digital. I know that the Meridian 568 is all digitl. However, you could try both and see which you like best.
For DolbyDigital, DTS, and ProLogic decoding, you want to use the Meridian, fed with a digital input. The 568.1 does not have any analog pass thru ability, not even for two channel. Therefore, I would never supply the 568.1 with an analog signal. The 568.1 is an accomplished DAC, so I wouldn't worry that the Sony could do a better job on its own. Besides, with the 568 you don't have an analog pre-amp anyway. The 568 digitizes ALL analog inputs.

The 568 is a nice piece of equipment.