Meridian G95

Hi there

I own a meridian G95 which I am having problems with, when turn the volume knob down it tends to be erratic and even raises the volume instead of reducing it, works fine with the remote. It also ejects brand new discs saying there is no disc loaded, so it cannot be dirt problem

Any advice will be very much appreciated
Oip volume apt 35ut2r needs replacing item cost $89 labor $200 approx
HI - I know it was a long time ago but did you ever get this sorted? Mine is doing the same thing (not the disc thing - just the erratic volume) and Meridian want over £800 to fix it!!


Meridian charges a flat rate now for repairs, 800.00. Go to look for Mark Kavol he worked for Meridian and is now on his own now and see what he will charge you.
Must be super kool to spend $800 for volume knob repair than!