Meridian G08 or Marantz SA11-S1

Which one would you buy if you are looking for a cd player ?

1. Marantz SA-11S1 for 2.900 € (here in Greece)
2. Meridian G08 for 3.500 €

I have also looked for players like Ayre CX-7 and Resolution Audio Opus 21 but either they lack some features I certainly need or (and) their prices are very high here in Greece (about 4.500 €).

I've read "all" the reviews and also "everything" that have been written (web, local magazines etc) about them !!! Two (greek) magazines gave, each one, very favourable reviews ! My main insterest is redbook performance but playing SACD discs is a futureproof capability (or not ?!?!)
I'll listen to the unit I'll finally buy through the XLR outputs. My system consists of : Electrocompaniet EC-4,7 - Aragon 8008BB - Audio Spectrum Aeolos (speakers made by a Greek company with SEAS Excel drivers) and cabling from XLO (Signature series).

I'm wondering if someone had the chance to listen to both units and how do they compare to each other ? Which one would you buy if you couldn't have the chance to listen to any of them at your home (that's impossible here) ? How do they compare with other units (Ayre CX-7, Opus 21, Audio Aero Capitole 2, Krell SACD, Electro EMC1UP, Sony 9000ES or ,without being blasphemous, Teac DV-50).

Any comment will be very helpful !
Thanks, in advance.
I owned the GO8 and sold it because I wanted SACD. The Meridian was a good player, however. I now own the SA11-S1 and am pleased with both CD and SACD playback. It is a very musical player. Based purley on memory of the Meridian and not a side-by-side comparison, I would say that the Marantz is at least as good on CD with the added benefit of SACD (and I generally like SACD better than CD if the SACD is well produced).
Marantz playing redbook discs at least as good as Meridian ????

Be careful Mose . . . . AvGuru is just around the corner !!!!

You're right...this is AVGURU and I am right around the corner. What exactly is your comment supposed to mean? I've never listedned to the Meridian G08 so I don't know how it sounds compared to the SA 11. Don't make assumptions about my feelings just because I said I didn't like the Marantz house sound. Marantz makes good product as long as you're aware of their house sound and can live with it!

Can anyone else compare these two players? I am particularly interested in this comparison because I am trying to decide between a redbook only player and a SACD player in the price range of these two units. I have always liked Meridian gear and have heard the G08 for about 30 minutes but it was not in my system. Thanks,
Any other comparisons of these two units, or, expereince with any one of them? They were both reviwed in the last issue of TAS. Both were very positive reviews.