Meridian G08 CD Player Problems

My Meridian G-08 CD player has developed two problems: 1. When the CD drawer opens and closes, the door makes a loud pitched squeeking noise, and 2. After the CD is loaded (and the door closed), there is a loud clicking noise coming from the drive mechanism as the CD is spinning. The CD plays OK, but the clicking noise continues the whole time the CD is spinning.

Has anyone else seen these problems with the G-08? My unit is lesss than two years old (still withing warranty).
Send her back, afterwards then sell it.
My Cayin17 approaching 2 yrs, no glitches.
cdp's are notorious for having glitches.
Thanks for the response - my thoughts exactly!!!
I have the latest 800 and a friend of mine has a 808, the both give the same click after they read a disc. That is just normal.
Meridian is great when you have a problem. If you bought it from a rep store they will take care of you. Playing with a new G08 no such noise. Make sure your disc is sitting flat in the tray. Had one once in another player make the clinking noise then I reset the disc it was fine.
I have both the G08 and the 808. My G08 does not do anything like this, it is perfectly quiet, while my 808 makes a popping sound through the speakers when it first reads a disc. It is NOT supposed to do this. I have spoken to Meridian, and they are aware of the problem and working on it. They originally sent me a second unit, which did the same thing. They went to send me a third unit, but tested it before they sent it, and it did the same thing. They realize something is going on that shouldn't be, and are trying to correct it. They are absolutely great to work with. I'd say their customer support is as good as anyone in the high end. So, while I'm a little frustrated with the problem, I'm sure Meridian will get it resolved.