Meridian Equipment SW Updates

Have any people heard that you cannot update any of Meridians equipment over the web anymore. You must go to a dealer at a cost of $100.00 to $450.00 dollars per update depending your location. I also understand that it does not matter if you bring it to the dealer you will still have to pay a hour minimum even though it takes minites to update
I myself enjoy my Meridian equipment and like the sound very much. The updating is why I went with Meridian also.
I think Meridian is shooting themself in the foot.
As I understand it most of the cost is for your dealer to come to your house. If you live an hour or so from your dealer you will pay for the travel, this is fine. I do not think you should have to pay per component since there is no charge at this time for the software update. If you bring in your equipment there can be a minimum charge based on real time not 1 hour when the update takes minutes.