Meridian DSP 5200se vs Martin Logan 15 A electrostats ? Which would you buy

I i Have a pair of 5200 se but am considering the Master series Martin logan 15A's. I have had Martin Logan in the past and I enjoyed them then switched to meridian. I have an end unit 218 and roon nucleus for streaming my collection.

recently been thinking of going back to the ML? ANy opinions?
Really need to know about your room.  If it's very lively and untreated, the ML will give you the best results in many ways.
Your situation is obvious to me.  I know exactly what I would do but you have your own situation.  Keep the Meridians and add the Martin Logan.  Every time I have sold or parted with something I end up buying that same something to replace that particular sound.  In fact you had ML before and are going back.  There are definite differences between the two that will be glaring and obvious.  So, which one is better?  That's like saying you like oranges over watermelon.  Who wants to just eat oranges and never touch a watermelon again?  Make room, add on to your house.  You can always provide for one to go into storage or if you have a very responsible friend or family member that can take on loan.  I personally like much better what Meridian can do with a digital format. 
Thanks, truly appreciate your point of view for sure. I hav gone back and forth over the years many times with electronics and to a lessor extent autos. Unfortunately as I am now retired I promised my wife to settle on a final system to invest in and set up in the rooms available. I enjoyed both but have been a bit frustrated with Meridian support and dealers of late
I would keep the Meridians.  They play well at low and high volume and offer pretty impressive bass response given the size of the cabinet.  

You are not the only one to complain about Meridian support- it seems folks are left largely on their own.  There are a few forums where Meridian owners post regarding problems, you can try one of them for technical questions and support.  
I found Martin Logan to have waay more energy in the upper octaves, to much for me and I bought Vienna Acoustics instead, upgrading from the VA's led me to meridian. They're too different to ask advice for.
Hi Tony,

I like ESLs (I won't own anything else) but MLs are not the best choice. MLs have two problems. The first is the curved panel. It looks sharp but it is not linear and is prone to higher levels of distortion particularly when driven hard. When the diaphragm moves forward it stretches, moving back it relaxes. The tension has to be the same in both directions. This is also why they have to cross over to a woofer at higher frequencies which brings us to the second problem, a crossover. 250 Hz is right at middle C. One of the worst places to put a cross over especially between such divergent drivers as an ESL and a dynamic woofer.  
Sound Labs now makes a smaller version the 545 which you can get in several different frame styles. It looks curved but inside are individual flat panels. It is a one way loudspeaker, no crossover. It is also relatively easy to drive and is for most people acceptably sized 24" X 56" If you liked the MLs you will love these.
The se line of meridian dsp has significant upgrades that do keep them competitive and not having to jump on the component merry go round is a blessing if your priority is music, but if hifi is the hobby dsp doesn’t leave much room to tweak.
Thanks to you and all for your responses, keeps me thinking. I do like the hassle free part after years of going through the component and wire and connector merry go rounds. Had many Krell once upon a time was one of my favorites. I have all my library on roon nucleus before it was on sooloss 15.
The new model Martin-Logans are very good. They would be my choice.