Meridian DPS 7000 ? 5200? are these speakers actually worth having as a long term deal...

I am a Wilson guy for a long long time now (Sophia 3), had it matched with most in my life including the higher levels of ARC's, Krells, Ayre and finally went with the Devialet and extremely pleased with everything. Simplifying the system and retaining the sound quality was critical. Wanting less pieces but not willing to compromise on the sound.

Are any of the DSP Meridians worth looking into. DSP 5200 or DSP 7000 would be of interest.

Aren't the Meridian's active loudspeakers with built-in D/A converters?  How would you run them with a Devailet?
No. You are a Wilson guy. Not the same or even similar. I would say Totem might be worth auditioning
I am actually not looking for options (like better speakers) since I would never change the Wilson (I have had all the Apogees you can ever dream off with exception of the Grand, the last I had was the Studio Grand) and only the Wilsons finally replaced that desire and it too a good while to adjust getting away from the ribbons. Now I am looking at simplifying the system.

To ohnwy61: Plan is the get rid of everything including the Devialet's. 
In Calgary, no one has the DSP 7200 in stock so I have no idea what is sounds like. I will keep looking since I like the bottom end and transparency of the Wilson...
Simplification is only half of the benefit of a Meridian DSP loudspeaker. An 818 and a set of DSP7200SE speakers is all you need and will rival anything in its class. No expensive interconnects, speaker cables, amps, etc. The sound is very tightly controlled and configurable via the DSP settings. It is a shame there aren't any dealers out your way as with any purchase like this an audition is essential. If you ever make it to the southern united states look me up as I stock most of the Meridian upper end products and have them on hand for demonstration. There are a few guys in Ontario that have some nice Meridian systems that if you get over that way contact me and I can maybe get you guys together for a demo.

Thanks for the response, I will definately look around since there might be a dealer in Edmonton who stocks them. Since you have experience with this line of products, how different are things between the 5200 vs 7200?

Thank you