Meridian DPS 7000 ? 5200? are these speakers actually worth having as a long term deal...

I am a Wilson guy for a long long time now (Sophia 3), had it matched with most in my life including the higher levels of ARC's, Krells, Ayre and finally went with the Devialet and extremely pleased with everything. Simplifying the system and retaining the sound quality was critical. Wanting less pieces but not willing to compromise on the sound.

Are any of the DSP Meridians worth looking into. DSP 5200 or DSP 7000 would be of interest.

yes, but don't just look, listen!

they have exactly the right way to build a hifi system (that doesn't mean yo will like them better than others tho)
Absolutely Randy, dont think I have ever bought anything without listening but would be nice to get some feedback prior.........thanks
they have more dealers than you may expect - their web site explains the design approach & will find a dealer for you

I’ll be curious what you think of them (I don’t have them as I am addicted to panels...)
Never owned but have heard the DSP 7200? or whatever the model is under the 8000.  Sounded great and had only one box hooked to it.  Have owned an 808 series CDP for years now and pretty content.