Meridian CD Player, Advice on how to pricing?

Title should say How To Price (Not Pricing), Sorry.
I wish to sell my Meridian G-08 CD player. Audiogon was recommended to me from the shop I purchased it from back in 2004. It just had a brand new CD / DVD ROM Drive Assembly installed at The Repair Shop as recommended by Meridian. I tested it and then boxed it up.I have no idea of a ball park to even begin to price it. I fully understand things like cosmetic condition as I’ve be selling things online for years. But that is usually ebay and bidding drives the price.
So if anyone has any thoughts on this I’d appreciate it. It is cosmetically good. Black. And has the original boxes, remote (clean, never used) manuals and packing materials.
Even a wide price range would give me a start.
I see two for sale on ebay right now for $1,545 and $2,500 but none in advance search of sold listings. Personally I think both those prices are high (Both are preowned).

Thank you

@wedgeworld  Have you checked our Bluebook for a price?
If interested you can send me an email to, attention: Tammy and I'll be glad to help you list this on Audiogon and give you advise on pricing it.