Meridian Blu Ray?

Does Meridian have a BluRay/HDMI 1.3a offering yet?

Also, how do you connect Meridian DSP speakers to non Meridian pre/pro?

Hopefully they will be announcing something at CES in January from what I hear
Meridian has promised an HDMI solution for their products but not promised a BR player. Announcements at CES, no doubt.

Also, you can use any source that can supply an S/PDIF signal to each speaker but you need to figure out how to control the volume. AFAIK, aside from Meridian pres, only the TacT pre/pro can do this.
I believe (but can't swear to it), that if one of your Meridian speakers is a Master, you can use a Meridian remote control for volume. I suppose you could also try a Logitech Harmony remote. But you might need to experiment by loading a Meridian AVR device to "fool" the remote into thinking it's controlling an processor vs. a speaker.
Thanks Guys,

I think this kills my thought of Meridian for the immediate future. Too much a one system thing and no BD support.
No BD support? By that, I assume you mean no HDMI support but, of course, that many change at CES.

They have an hdmi switcher available that separates the audio and video signal for ouput. RCA digital out to preamp and HDMI video output to video source.
I posted this before I do not know why it did not show up.

Go to it is the meridian web site.