Meridian, ARC or Cary?

Hi everybody. I'm new to A'gon. I have ARC electronics driving B&W 801's. I need a CD player and am working with a somewhat limited budget. On my shortlist are ARC CD3mkII, Cary 303/300 or CDP1, or Meridian G06-G08. I happen to have a lot of HDCDs and wonder if this should move me in the Cary direction or does it not matter in players of this quality. Price range of these used varies from 1 to 3 k. Is the ARC worth the extra$$$? Does Cary have the digital expertise? Anybody out there have comparitive experience with these? Rhythic clarity is important.Thanks!
In my opinion theres no question the ARC is the one.
I realize you may be looking for a HDCD deck but if you only have a small $$$ capability and can find a nice Meridian 508/24 ( non hdcd ) these things are pure pleasure to use.They work well with ARC and B&W 801s. I purchased a new 508/24 player a while back for a previous system with ARC and B&W 801 ( series 2 ) and it was a very good match.I have since moved on with several upgrades but have kept and continue to use the Meridain 508/24 and find it still sounds great and don't wish to spend any more $$ for a cd player upgrade.
Not sure if the helps but good luck...
I actually don't know if this helps you at all. There is an obvious difference in sound between CD and HDCD on at least the Cary 303/100.
I've heard the 303/300 and I was not that impressed.

G08 is a good player but is a bit gentle sounding when it comes to dynamic transients.

I just think ARC CD3MkII would be the better choice. Especially with the rest of ARC electronics. It is a great player.

As far as HDCD, I don't think you will be missing anything because of the way ARC player does redbook.