Meridian 861 - want a competative dealer

I am looking to purchase a new Meridian 861 from a factory authorized dealer that is covered by full warranty and would like a competitive price. Can anyone point me to a reputable dealer?

Contact Ken Forsythe at the Meridian website (in the US). He's configuring an 861 for me now: my guess is, that with the recent slowdown in discretionary wealth: the Stock Market, the high-end manufacturers are dealing.

At least it's an option.
Try: They had some 800 series Stuff. Ask for Rick.

i don't know where you are located, but Ambrosia Audio in Los Angeles has been a Merididan dealer for a long time. You might try them as their pricing has always been extremely competitive (at least the last time i dealt with them). Good luck,

I did business with Rick Ratliff at Alpine Audio a few years ago. I found him on a Web site that rated dealers and also allowed users to leave comments. Alpine Audio was highly recommended, great comments from customers. He gave me a great price and incredible service. When I had a problem, he sent me out a new one before I had packaged up the other and sent it back!

Abingdon, VA
Contact Bernie at the Audio Store in Newington CT very competitive. (860)666-5006