Meridian 861 v4 or classe 800 for movies??

I am looking for a new processor to use wth my oppo 83- will be used for a 7.1 system for only movies- need only audio as my PJ does video- any sug. between the Meridian 861 with the 621 or the new Classe 800- someone also mentioned the ADA brand-
any sug. would be aprreciated-
They are all great options. I have the 83/621/861 system now and the Classe SSP just arrived. ADA makes great stuff, too. To choose, you should consider other things such as additional sources, DSP capabilities, roomEQ, etc.

thanks Kal- does it matter if I go with an older pre/pro and do the HD codecs from the oppo OR is it better to get a pre that can do the Hd proc.- Not sure which way is better thanks
Either way but only if the limited bass management in the Oppo is adequate for your setup (it is not for mine) and you can live without room EQ (I cannot). Your move.

Hi Kal, whats sort of timescale are we looking at before we hear your comments on the SSP vs 861? Given the cost of upgrading my 861 to 861v6 Im taking time out to review alternatives and not leaping blindly....

thx in adv
If all goes without incident, it will be in the July column. Using the SSP now in the weekend system and will transfer it to the main system (where the Meridian now resides) in about 2-3 weeks.

Can the same be said that the G61r and a BDP-09(analog in) is a nice cost effective solution than the Classe 800?
The classe usually makes good looking gear, the bad is that it doesnt have scaling/video processing and room EQ system. Aside from that, it sounds good.
Correction: It does not have an AUTOMATIC roomEQ system.

I have a chance of picking up a used g68/621 or a used ssp-800. The 800 is 2200 more. For home theater purpose, is the Classe worth it?
Get an Anthem...........much better than Classe. I won a couple Classe amps and I am a fan but Processors aint their strength.
Don't agree my nephew had an Anthem processor and then got a Classe. No contest the Classe was better the Anthem was thinner in midrange and more aggressive.
Agree to disagree, I love Classe and own 3 amps but the Processor sucks

"Processor sucks"? What does that tell us overall? What other preamps or processors did you compare it to? Was it in your system or at a store demo? Have you heard the SSP-800 or are you referencing your opinion on the SSP-600? I have to disagree totally with your opinion but that's why this site is fun. I've used three different processors before buying the SSP-800. I owned B&K REF 20 then switched to a Denon 3808 and finally the SSP-800. I even sold my Audio Research LS25 MKII because the SSP-800 sounds that good in 2 channel especially using the balanced inputs.I know of another SSP-800 owner who also sold his 2 channel only preamp. If you come to slam at least slam the processor with a detailed explanation?

A regular reading of Chadnliz posts, presumably written by Chad rather than Liz, suggest hyperbole is his stock and trade, so when he says a processor sucks it should be taken in that vein. Many more posters praise the sound of the Classe SSP-800.

I compare it to a Lexicon MC8 and a Anthem D2V, both I own, I also have 3 Classe amps so I am not bashing Classe IMO the Processoe isnt worth the money. Whoever Db is please save your attacks for somebody in person rather than hiding behind your computer.
I dont care if you like it and you shouldnt care if I dont so do what makes you happy.
Classe doesnt offer 1080p full upsampling scalers it also doesnt offer room correction and on top of that it doesn not even decode the new audio codecs so if you think spending $8000 for something that has the same technology of many 5 year old units be my guest................enjoy!

I wasn't attacking you, just trying to provide calibration for those less familiar with the way you express your opinions. At least one of the readers owns the unit you trashed. As I understand it, the purpose of these posts is to exchange ideas and observations. When one poster makes extreme statements about a product, it adds a data point that can mislead readers. It seems to me there are many more posters whose opinion is that the SSP 800 is excellent, and even sonically superior to the Anthem D2V. But if the processor is to be used exclusively for movies without regard to music, then a DV2 or Integra 80.1 may well be the unit of choice. Things are rarely as black and white as your opinions suggest, and you express your opinions as though they represented fact, this product is trash, that product sucks, and so forth.

By the way, what happened to the Meridian 861 in this discussion? I assumed that given the OP's question was about an 861 or SSP 800 sound quality was a major consideration.

I think everyone knows everything is opinion and doesnt mean much, maybe sucks was too strong but I think for the Classe to not employ advanced state of the art codecs, correction and video scaling is enough to pass on it. Like I said buy what you want, if somebody owns it thats great but time after time people who like something are going to subjected to those who dont agree.
I think most here are adults and not here for a simple pat on the back so for those who own gear some see issues with I doubt they will be affected by negative opinions.
I also think an extreme statement would require something more brutal than a guy saying he likes the company, owns several of their products but thinks the Processor is a bad deal or "sucks".
Just for the record,It does decode the new codecs. That update was started awhile ago and was even mentioned on the Classe website! It has an EQ adjustment it just doesn't automatically do it for you!In regards to upsampling I can let my BD player do the upsampling for when I watch SD material. I primarily watch Blu Ray so don't miss the "upsampling". Glad you like Classe amps. I'm still debating as to change over to them.
I know it has 5 band parametric EQ but IMO and based on experience a detailed measurement of the room with both a quality mic and correction software (both incuded with Anthem) is critical to hearing all a system is capable of.
If it had room correction, upsampled to full 1080p with any source and had multiple HDMI outputs (it has 4 in) then it would be worthy of its $8000 price tag.