Meridian 861 or Theta Casablanca II ???

Hello everyone, I am trying to decide on the preamp/processor. I have auditioned Theta Casablanca (not Casablanca II - the new, upgraded one, which is coming out this month) and I really liked it then (about a year ago). I need some input on this subject from those who own or auditioned these units. I would greatly appreciate any comments and suggestions. My system: Pass Labs X-350 Pass Labs X3 (as soon as it is available) Martin Logan reQuests, Logos MIT 750 Shotgun bi-wire cables Harmonic Technology Pro-Silway interconnects Thank you Roman
I do not own the Meridian 861 but I sure as hell wish I did. A friend of mine replaced a Proceed AVP with the 861 and it blew him away. I had a Meridian 565 7.1 and I loved it but it was too difficult to use at times. I replaced it with a Proceed AVP but I still miss the 565 for home theater due to the tight dynamic bass and the processing was on par with the Lexicon MC-1. I have heard the 861 and the Theta Casablanca and both are great units but for my money I would get the Meridian 861 especially since they have improved dramatically the user interface and it is fully hardware and software upgradeable. Meridian and Lexicon have some of the best software of any company when it comes to home theater but Meridian goes a step further and gives you awesome stereo to boot. I believe the 861 will give you many more years of enjoyment over the Theta. Just my 2 cents worth.
I agree with mjaudio. I heard the Meridian 861 and it is just awesome. fab audio and theatre. you may want to generate this thread under HOME THEATRE section however. YOu may get more responses there ! good luck