Meridian 808 vs 808.2

Meridian has recently replaced its 808 CDP, which came out in '03, with a new model called 808.2. The 808.2 has been out for about 6 months, though it is not yet listed on the Meridian website. According to Meridian USA, though the casework of the 808.2 resembles that of its predecessor, the newer model is internally quite different, with new power supply, DSP, cards, filters other parts.

Is there anyone who has had the opportunity to compare the two players and would care to comment?

Small correction, the 808.2 has not been out for six months. Thanks to my fantastic dealer, I got the first 808.2i in the US and it was released about a month and a half ago.
Bar81, thanks for the response. Any reaction to share regarding your 808.2? Also, had you ever auditioned an 808?
It was not to my tastes. In its favor it had above average bordering on excellent resolution, articulation, volume control and output stage (direct to amp) and ergonomics. I've never heard the original 808 but from what I've been told by those who have heard it and the 808.2, the latter sounds more "hi fi" fwiw.
Bar, what do you, or your friends, mean by "hi-fi" in this case?
It seems like an audiophile pejorative, but leaves me guessing as to specifics.
thanks again
Generally, a more "flashy" presentation that is initially impressive but potentially more fatiguing over time. I know of at least one person who feels differently and in the end, one man's flashy is another man's perfect (for example, and regarding a completely different level of performance, the Ayre CX-7e is loved by many but not in this house). With CDPs in this pricerange your dealer should be more than willing to let you have an in home demo to determine for yourself.
sorry for the ignorance - what is the difference between the 808.2 & the 808.2i?? thank you.
The 808.2i has digital and analog inputs.
04-26-08: Bombaywalla
sorry for the ignorance - what is the difference between the 808.2 & the 808.2i?? thank you.

& Analogue outputs - basic pre amp !
& Analogue outputs

One would hope :)
anybody with an 808 (or 808i) that has something to add by way of comparison with Bar's description of the 808.2, even if you have not a/b-auditioned the two units?
Thanks Bar81, Sbfx.
Pretty much state of the art in digital replay. User interface isn't perfect, but the sonics are close.