Meridian 808.2 vs Dcs Puccini with clock vs. Zande

I am looking to purchase a high end cd player & was wondering who had listened to these players & which was the most musical (analog like compared to vinyl). I heard the Meridian 808.2 & was very impressed. I will also consider DCS Puccini with clock, Zanden 2500 & Audio Research CD8. Does anyone have any thoughts on the "best" cd player among these?

I would also add the AMR CD 77.1 to the mix. The latest players with the mods that Darren does are amazing sounding with a very liquid midrange and a huge soundstage and the build quality is outstanding.

I have heard all the DCS products and they are nothing like vinyl! The DCS does extract alot of detail and has good air but they tend to be very dry sounding in the midrange.

The AMR the Zanden and the ARC are all very full bodied sounding.
Thanks. I agree with you on the dcs gear but the sacd on the dcs puccini sounds really good, but how many sacd's can one get especially non classical. Have you heard the meridian-it really did surprise me.
Meridian 808.2 is a very good player; low level detail retrieval is excellent and the ability to drive amplifiers direct is implemented very well but treble ime was extremely bright and the remote was garbage (although it worked fine, every time it's used the fan in it spins up). However, if you're using tube based products and/or cables that roll off the treble, the 808.2 might be an excellent fit.
But the AMR and save some cash. That is the most "analog" sounding as you say...
I auditioned the Meridian back to back with Chord Blu transport and DAC64
The Meridian was very disappointing lacking the sparkle and detail retrieval of the Chord pairing
Is SACD an option or a need to have. If it is optional try to hear the Vitus SCD010 (difficult to audition as it does not have a huge brand presence in the US) as it is exceptional on redbook. I will be comparing it to the Puccini over the next couple of weeks....