Meridian 808.2-compare to DCS Puccini/DCS Paggani?

How do you rate the sound of the Meridian 808.2 against other top cd players?
the dCS are more than top cdplayers they offer more than Meridian like: sacd reproduction, digital inputs, clock in/out/, upsampling up to DSD, computer audio compatibility, master clock upgradeable, upgrades through the years, the comparison is unfair....tosay the least.
Nowadays you have to check the prospect of computer audio along with top music reproduction through a digital player or dac.
Hi Fgil3000,

I auditioned the 808.2 in my listening room against my Emm Labs (2009) model, and it was soft and lifeless compared to the Emm Labs. Last Week I auditioned the DCS Puccini, and I felt I was listening to something twice the price of the Emm Labs :), Very precise, dynamic and Natural the Puccini A++
I have a Meridian 808i.2 CD Player.
I have not had a chance to listen to it against and dCS gear in my listening room. Hope to some day.
However, the Meridian is a rather 'sublime' [not in your face] CD Player. Very 'non digital' sounding machine [rather unlike Meridian to make a player like this].
More often than not the 'subtleness' gets a bit mistaken for lack of 'resolution'....
I am not so sure if the Meridian is a 'lifeless' Player.
I am happy & rather 'satisfied' with my 808i.2.
Besides, with the digital in [from my Weiss Minerva] it performs rather well as a DAC for my Computer Audio...
Cheers !