Meridian 596 audio/video performance

I don't have digital input for my amp. Does meridian 596 sound close to meridian 598 or 588 when playing red book CDs?

I just have a sony 27' flat screen tv and are not in a hurry to buy high def display. Meridian 596 doesn't have progressive scan. Does it make a big diff to me when comparing to other popular DVD payer like denon 5910 or Arcam DV27 in terms of video quality?
I don't know about the 598 but I found both image quality and redbook sound of my 596 both really 1st class.
It definitely rivals and possibly betters the long standing reference 508.24.
I have another Pioneer DVD with progressive scan and find the 596 better. Screaming bargain for the money!
Hope this helps.