Meridian 588 CD performance & operating concerns

A Meridian reviewer reports the 588 CD Player is missing it's earlier trademark(506,508,etc.) load tray with its center fit cd placement. The player (he reports) takes a while to break in but never exceeds the performance of the Meridian 508.24. This person says the 588 "needs quicker TOC timing and overall punch,pinesse, and bottom end". I expect to listen to the Meridian 588 later this week but I am asking if these concerns are true. thanks....
From my comparison between the 508-24 and the 588 I felt that the 508-24 is a more natural, better sounding unit. The 588 is brighter with an uneven bass response while the 508-24 is one of the better cd players I have heard.
The 588 does not even stand up to the 508.24. Ever since Meridian incorporated the "plastic tray" the sound has been down hill. The 508 out shines the 588! If you had the opportunity to back to back them like I had, you could hear the difference right away. New does not mean "better"!