Meridian 588, anyone audtion on this CDP

I just sold my Meridian 508.24 I just wonder anyone compare both CDP. Please leave comment.

fwiw, a local dealer said the 508.24 sounds better than the 588. i chose the 508 because (1) i got a very good deal and (2) i did not intend to pay near retail for the 588, which is newer but not neccessarily better.

just curious, why would you sell the 508 before deciding which of the two players you like better??
I've heard both side by side and the 508.24 is better. The 588 is very bright, emphasizing sibilance and has an unusual peak in the upper bass. The 508.24 has great dynamics and is a very natural sounding player.
STUD? are there any jpegs available? we're talkin' about your audio system, right?
Hi heard a Meridian 588 vs an Electrocompaniet EMC1 Mk II and the Electro won hands down in most departments. The 588 sounded very narrow and flat. It didnt fill the room as much as the electro did. Very 2D.

I never heard the 508.24 though...