Meridian 568 DAC vs external DAC to SP1 for CD

1. Universal player or CD tranport digital in to Meridian 568
2. External DAC to analog in to Bryston SP1

Which will sound better?

What kind of transport for Meridian or DAC for Bryston are appropriate? price range?

Any experience or thoughts?

I am using the Meridian 568 pre/pro.
I am running my Wadia 8 CD Transport into it and the sound quality is great.
Not sure who is doing most of the work.
But if you own the Meridian 568 you don't have an analog pass thur so no matter what the DAC outside is.
The Meridian will always do something to it.

Hope that helps

I am using a Meridian 568 upgraded to version 2.
I am using a Theta Carmen II for DVD and CD. The sound is excellent. The digital connection is a Acoustic Zen MC2. The Carmen II is a transport only (no Dacs). Sounds much better that the Cal Audio DVD 2500CL that I was previously using. I quess the senergy between the two is substantially better.
Like stated before the Meridian has digital imputs only.
I have never heard the Bryston SP1.