Meridian 565 w/dts update vs Classe ssp 25THX

I'm considering one of these processors. I'm using a mccormack amp for main speakers which is only single ended. My main speakers are B&W M804. I listen 70% 2 channel and 30% ht. Any advice would help. Thanks
My opinion--- If you can do without the vid.sw.--(just go straight to the tv inputs) and multi audio ins and outs/zones (it has one tos. and one coax) and all the other stuff the mfgs. have added------The Mer. 7.1 will give you the best sound quality---------The limitation will be the amps you use---not the processor-----
I disagree. I personally chose the SSP25 for sonic purity.
I'd try both if I were you. You can always sell what you don't want. The Meridian might have the dynamic advantage, I don't know. Still, the ssp25 was a clean sounding piece, I remember.The meridian will be more complicated with bells and whistles, and is a VERY DIGITAL PIECE. I prefer simple and audiophile grade personally, and I remember the Classe was dynamic from what I heard in the past.
The Meridian stuff?...I've NEVER EVER HEARD ANY DEALER OR AUDIO SALESPERSON i KNEW(and that's a LOT OF EM!) say they loved the Meridian HT stuff, nor owned it!!!..they just all sold it. But that's been my experience.
The classe I remember it being a deal!
Anyway, you might want to try yourself.
good luck
flrnlamb, you haven't known many HIGH END dealers. The meridian 800 series is considered by many to be not only the best HT unit made, but rivals levinson equipment for stereo reproduction. Given the 500 series isn't as good, but look at the reviews of the 568 ans 568.2. jGiven, the classe equipment is class but your knowledge of meridian isn't reality. BTW, by high end, a meridian 800 system without meridian speakers is $40,000 - $50,000 for pro and cd/dvd. To the question, you must listen to both to get your preference. I like meridian, but classe equipment is wonderful as well. The 565 is no longer being upgraded. Go the the 561 for a bargain and you get computer setup as well as continued software upgrades.
Yeah Jamesw20, your right I haven't known many HIGH END DEALERS...I've only worked for 6 of them over the last 15 years, and have known at least 6 more locally or so that dealt in Meridian! (By the way, all of which sold equipment that's far more expensive than most any dealer in the UK!!!!...which is limited in ultra high end products for a number of reasons). The dealers I've worked for, and am refering to, have and do sell products in the $80-150K range and above!!!!
I've sold Meridian personally in two high end salons. Personally, I do like some of the gear Meridian makes, sans the speakers(never liked em personally). However, I never cared too greatly for the digital pre's all that much. They were a bit warm and digital to my ears. But others will dissagree. I do understand some like "warmish" sounding kit.
I like neutrality. I think the Classe is better in that regard.
As for meridian's I like, I liked the amps, the CD players, and the Preamps were ok. I'll leave the Pre/pro's to those who like gadgets and surround modes, such as are offered by Sony. To each his own
BTW, at every high end show I've been to over the last decade, I've yet to hear any Meridian set up that won best of show or sound!!! It's always some oscure set up from some smaller manufacturer.
Sorry to underestimate your knowledge. I still don't think you can compare Meridian to Sony??? BTW, what kind of 150K two channel front equipment did you sell? You are obviously out of my knowledge base.
No, I was only bluffing...I work at McDonnalds
Haha, nice. That drive-thru speaker "system" in mono is awesome!
I've been talking them (McD's) into going with a planar monopole from Magnapan for the driver-thu however, and upgrading to a monoblock amp for it. So far, no go...they're still recovering financially from the whole "spilled hot coffee settlement!!"