Meridian 565 561 568 users - CD playing

What kind of Players(DVD/CD player, CD player, or CD Transport) do you use for CD play

How do you connect it to the Meridian pre/pre - analog in(external DAC) or digital{toslink/coaxial}) in(internal DAC)

Is Arcam DV79 a good match for 565/561/568?

How am I suppoed to connect it? Which is supposed to sound better
Analog out from Arcam to Analog in Meridian OR Digital out from Arcam to digital in Meridian?

You want to use a separate CD transport with the Meridian 568 pre-pro. The 568 digitizes all analog inputs, there is no pass thru. Therefore only a transport makes any sense, using one of the digital inputs. Of course the digital out of any CD player is a workable transport.

As far as which of the above actually sounds better, I don't know. In the end, you are listening to the Meridian DAC in both cases.