Meridian 508.24 who provides repair service?

I have read alot about the inability to repair the major components of this palyer, is there no source and or repair shop to find lasers, transports, etc.. for this player?

Does the manufacture provide any support?
I believe Meridians repair service is in Georgia. I had an old 207 cdp that I called on 5 years ago and they had no parts for it. They also warned me that the "5xx" series is very hard to get parts for....
They moved to New York.

Meridian America Inc.
110 Greene Street, Suite #407
New York
United States of America

T: +1 646 666 0140
F: +1 646 666 0152
Former Meridian employee who does repairs:

Marc Koval
The Repair Shop
marc koval gmail com