Meridian 508.24 or CEC TL15XR ??? HELP

Having a difficult time trying to decide.
The meridian (7yo) is being offered at almost double the price of the CEC (1yo).
No chance to demo either one and would like to replace Denon 3910 currently being used as CD source.
In other system, currently using Rega Apollo.
Saw a thread somewhere which a person 'upgraded' from the Meridian to the Rega, which is very disappointing to read because I never considered the Apollo to be THAT good.
Any advise???
Everyones ears are different and so are there listening tastes, environment and equipment. I would not limit my decision on what someone else thought that I have never met. I do read reviews and I am positive I have seen people here on the forum who have chosen Wadia, Esoteric, Ayre, AR, Lector, Audio Aero etc. in lieu of Meridian and vise-versa. Guess what? They are all right! Let your own ears and system and budget decide.
Good Luck!
I tried the Rega a dew years back. I own a Meridian and the Rega could not, IMHO, ever be considered anything but a huge step down in quality. That said, I'd not be buying any component unseen and unheard, however good the bargain. Even if the actual component is a fab piece of kit, you cannot know how it will sound with your existing gear. Badly chosen/matched gear, even if every single item is stellar, can result in an audio nightmare.
I had a Meridian CD player and traded up to a McIntosh. Wish I never did
Thanks for all the response. Btw cec is the tl51xr.
I have the Rega Saturn which I enjoy greatly. I had a Meridian 508.24bit years back and wish I never sold it. It was the most musical natural player I have ever heard. The Rega is similar but doesnt have the "magic" that the Meridian.
I am biased but I think the CEC would be a great choise. Also I would be hesitant to buy a 7 year old CD player I would first check to see if the tranport and laser are still available. Some CD lasers can last for decades some fail within 10 years.
The Meridian had a nice, liquid musical sound but
with revealing speakers there was some grain and
the bass could be undefined. I owned it for
4 years in the late 90's (to 2002).
A later Accuphase 75V was much better,
and EMM afterwards was an even bigger (huge, actually)
step up.
I did think the 508.24 was better than my Sony SCD777ES
I tried later.