Meridian 508.24 Laser availability?

Has anyone any knowledge if Meridian U.S. still does repairs on this model? Mine is thankfully running perfect but I've read a few places that lasers are out of stock at Meridian. I haven't heard back from an e-mail placed to them a few days ago and was just curious. Anyone with any recent repairs or info is greatly appreciated.

I would give them a call-that way you'll have first hand information.

They used to be in Atlanta but moved to New York.

Yea...I did. A message just tells you to call your retailer, which I did and I got his answering machine!
Looks like they have changed the way they do business. I've dealt directly w/them when they were in Atlanta but not since they moved to NY.

Maybe try & call them in the UK?
Here's one I found if you're up to installing it yourself (Phillips CDM 12.5):