Meridian 508.24 CD plyer. Is it really that good?

I offered a variations of this thread before. about pro/cons of buying older CD players of major manaufacturers. like ARC, Krell, McCormack The player in question is the Meridian 508.24 player. I have read several positive testimonials about this unit's resolution, clarity and musicality. Nice!! BUT.... the down side is,.... there are no longer major parts available for it. Therefore, I need input on whether this player is as good as many members claim, that is how does a player with second generation technology possibly outperform current players, or players of the last 5 years. Need feedback ASAP...... Thanks, Jim
Hi Jim:

Sorry, I do not have any experience with the Meridian. I have always been skeptical about spending serious money on older CD players.

This may make it easier. If in this situation, you were to replace CD player with the name of something else, say water heater or motorcycle, and major parts were not available would you be thinking twice?

Yes, it is very good, but nowadays you can get much better sonics from $1200 DACs - Metrum Octave and Teddy Pardo DAC are prime examples.
Read the person's thread below about parts availability for his Marantz SA-1 and I think you will have answered your own question.

Had a 508.24 for over ten years, loved it. Then heard a Cambridge Audio 840 a couple of years ago and decided to make the switch. Newer technology, lower time domain distortion, even though at the time the 508.24 was among the very best in that regard. These things wear out, I would say get a new or newer player, enjoy and be happy.
Thank you to all who responded Happily, I followed your collective advice and passed on a mint/used unit at auction on e-bay. It sold for about $1331. Incredible!!
I would pick up a Sony or Oppo player and have it modded via modwright ( You will have a player that will compete with the 10K plus players for a 3K investment. Just my thoughts and I have no association with the company.