Meridian 508.24 CD Player Discontinued

Meridian just discontinued their A-rated 508.24 CD player. I presume that they dropped it in favor of their new DVD deck. Are they solidly committed to DVD or do you think they'll eventually come out with a SACD player too?
Well, since Meridian created the compression algorithm for DVD-A (MLP-Meridian Lossless Packing), I would say that they are firmly committed to that format. Whether they ever release an SACD is probably entirely dependent on how succesful it becomes. Since it is a direct competitor to DVD-A, I doubt you'll see SACD from them unless it becomes the obvious winner of the so-called "format war". I guess it would be like Sony doing a DVD-A machine--they won't unless they have to. The reason Meridian dropped the 508 is that the 506 is essentially the same player, without balanced outputs (and at half the price). The new 596 DVD is also the same, but with DVD capability, at almost the same price($250 more). So, sales of the 508 would become almost nil. As far as being solidly commited to DVD (video), I think they want to be, but because of their upgradable philosophy, it has been tough to build a machine that fits their profile (remember the 586, 586.2?) Now they feel they have one in the new player. It will offer a DVD-A upgrade in the future. This is probably an oversimplification, but hopefully it gives you some insight.
A small correction is needed. The 506 is NOT essentially the same as the 508. Even Meridian will tell you that!! I had a 506.20 and now have 508.24.The sound is totally different. The 508 does everything the 506 does doubly better.
The 508.24 is definitely a lot better than a 506.20. But since the 506 was updated to 24 bit dacs, they are sooooo close. The only difference is dual-differential dacs in the 508, balanced outputs, and a more potent digital output for driving digital speakers. I'm sure the 508 will sound slightly better thru its analog outs, but it should at 2k more. The obvious buy is the 596--it will be better than a 508 was, due to the FIFO buffer (which eliminates jitter) and 24 bit /192k DACS. However, still no balanced outputs. For a mere $250 more than a 508, this could be the home run player!