Meridian 508.24: Balanced vs Single-ended outputs?

How does the single-ended output of the Meridian 508.24 CD player compare to it's balanced output?

The rest of my system is unbalanced, so would XLR/RCA adaptors negate any potential sonic advantage of the balanced outputs?

Thanks in advance!
RCA shall work good at your system.
I have used both RCA and XLR on my system with my 508.24. Generally, the RCA will not be as loud (about -3dB quiter). If you are not running huge lengths of interconnect between your CD player and your preamp, RCA is fine. Besides there is a certain symmetry with having one's system be all RCA or all XLR.
I run my 508.24 into a Krell KCT with a 1 meter XLR Harmonic Technologies Pro Silway 2 cable. I previously used a Synergistic Alpha Sterling RCA IC but this sounds better. Now the "noise floor" is simply not there. Total quiet background.
I run my Meridian 508.24 into a Jeff Rowland Concentra integrated amp with the XLR Harmonic Technologies Pro Silway II cable (1 meter). From my viewpoint, there is less noise and the background is quit. I suggest you borrow an XLR cable and see how it sounds. This is the only accurate way for you to make a decision. At the HE 2003, Harmonic Technologies Pro announced a new Silway III cable. cheers...