Meridian 508.20 vs BAT vk-d5se?

I'm thinking about an upgrade from my Meridian 508.20 and I was wonder if anyone has compared these two?
I previously had the 508.20 and its successor the 508.24 before switching to the VK-D5SE. Although the Meridians were wonderful players, in my system the BAT is decidedly superior, particularly in rhythmic drive and heft in the bass and upper bass/lower mids. I believe that the BAT's tube output stage has much to do with its sound.
I recently purchased and quickly sold a BAT VK D5 24 bit. Very fat sounding indeed, but it just didn't sound harmonicaly complete and natural. I bought a new Sony SCD XA5400ES SACD/CD player which even raw sounded gloriously full of color and brilliance that immediately revealed just how antiquated the BAT design is...and I've loved several of BAT's reference products over the years!
Thanks all! These comments help a lot.
I have not heard the 508.20, but I do own the BAT VK-D5SE. The BAT has been an absolutely wonderful player over the years. I had rolled the tubes to find ones I liked best and I had Hot Rod Audio Mods put a new clock in it -- both solidified my liking of this excellent player. There's a reason BAT has stayed with this design for a long, long time -- its a GIANT killer.
Keep in mind regarding Dave_b's post above that the VK-D5 he had is not equivalent to the VK-D5 SE, which uses the superior 6H30 tubes rather than 6922s.