Meridian 508.20 Upgrade or Hold

I own the Meridian 508.20 CD Player connected to the Rolland Concentra Integrated and ProAc 2.5 speakers. I was considering upgrading to a 508.24 but I prefer not to spend the $700. The new Meridian 588 CD Player costs $3,650 and this is too high. Since the CD player world is changing so fast, my sense is to just hold and see what happens. Any comments or suggestions?
I have a Meridian 566 that was upgraed to 566.24. The improvement was substancial. Call the tech at Meridian and get the explanation (lower noise floor and better noise shaping). The $700 cost for this type improvement (vs $3K for a new unit) is cost effective in my book.
He he he, I upgraded from 563.18 to 566.24. The sound was changed, resolution enhanced, and musicality reduced. Ended up selling the 566.24. I paired it with 500. It was better than $300 mid-fi, but not in the major league, and certainly not at the price.