Meridian 508 20 Service Needed

Has anyone had any luck getting a Meridian player serviced in recent years? They no longer directly support it. Mine developed a problem and a local repair shop was unable to isolate it without schematics or service manual, which too apparently is unavailable.
I find that very disturbing that Meridian won't fix a 4000 CD player that they sold only 10 or so years ago. I would give pause to buying anything Meridian if that is the kind of attitude they have to a customer that laid that kind of cash out for one of their products. I have had a repair done before on a Meridian product and they had a very strange fee schedule for repairs. It was just a flat fee of for instance 500 to fix whatever was wrong. Thankfully I was able to locate a receipt and got it fixed under warranty but if their policy is to just quit supporting products a few years after they are released then that is a company I would avoid buying their products.

I'm sure if you make a big enough deal about it they can fix it. Also BTW those Meridian CD players are known to break I had one break and a buddy of mine his had problems too. They sound nice but I would avoid them.
Try this site. Look for Mark Koval, he was Meridians lead service tech and is now on his own. He go's to this site. I would leave his email but when I try to leave an email address it gets blocked.
Try this: marc koval gmail com