Meridian 507, Rega Jupiter, Music Fidelity..ect ??

I currently own a Sony DVP9000es with Classe and B&W equip and I am looking for a good CD player for red book CD's.
I am happy with the 9000es for DVD and the few SACD's that I own, but I don't think the 9000 is a ref. quality CD player. I was looking at the meridian 507, Rega Jupiter, Music Fidelity and even a Cary. I would like to stay under $1700 for a new or used one. The Classe ssp25 does have a balanced input for a source component.
Any suggestions or recomendations?

Classe SSP25 pre-processor
Classe CA-151 Amp
B&W CDM9nt
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I have auditioned Sony SCD777ES and Sony SCD1, I think SACDs are much better than CDs and like SCD1 a lot (but a bit pricey for your budget). For used 777ES, you might be able to get it for $1500 and SCD1 probably $2200+. There are a few on Audiogon right now on sale.

The other thing you might want to consider is to mod your 9000ES. there are a number of upgrades and mods possible.
Good luck!
The MF 308cr cd player is excellent for redbook. It also mates well with B&W speakers. You should be able to get one used for $2k. Worth the extra dollars.
I auditioned the 507 at home, and was impressed with the detail, but it was a little too bright in my system. I bought a Consonance CD 2.2 player and I am very happy with it. It is a NEW player in your price range. Sonny
I think Meridian 507 will be a good match to your system. XLR way may not be your cup of tea. XLR offers you dynamic but losing musical feel.

MF also does great job in CD players.