Meridian 506 Transport Replacement

My Meridian 506-20 uses the Philips CDM 12.5 transport which is no longer available. The laser first failed several years ago and I was able to keep the player running until now with laser head replacements from the CDM 12.4. It has quit again and the replacement laser heads no longer work.

I have noticed that a new Philips mechanism, the CDM 12.6 is available for around $35 on the net. It physically looks exactly the same as the 12.5 with the hall-effect motor, ribbon cables, etc.

Has anyone tried this transport in a 12.5 player like the Meridian or Naim? This player is built so nice and still sounded great when it works, so I'd like to have it do more than be a paperweight.
Go to the following location.
There are posts about replacement transports for Meridian equipment.