Meridian 502/557 pre/power

I am looking for a pre/power combo for my sonus faber grand piano homes.

Any one has any experience of the meridian 502/557 combo driving these speakers or similar ones?

Any helpful comments/feedback gratefully received.
I use this combo with Martin-Logan SL3's with no problems.The 557 can drive speakers below 2 ohm's. Electrostat speakers are generally power hungry. You will love the Meridian equipment. Steve
I had this combo, but with different speakers; the 557 is a great amp, the 502, IMO, is ok, if you are not paying a lot for the pre at least you know you will have synergy with the amp, use balanced IC's between the two.
Dick Olsher of the now defunct FI Stereo magazine evaluated the 502 in April of 1997, page 56 giving it a Very positive rating
Thanks for your responses.

I lost the "557" as it has now been sold. there is however a 556 available at a lower price so I could still make a 502/556 combo.

I don't think a meridian/SF combination is very popular.
Remember the 556 is 100 watts while the 557 is 200 watts into 8 ohms.
after using the 557 for 2 years i highly recomend!
How good is the 502 preamp?

I am thinking of matching it with more expensive and "better" amps. Is this just a waste?


Whose to say it would be a waste, a better amp is a better amp. Are you asking if it is more important to upgrade the preamp or the amp at this point?

I should also clarify my comments on thinking the 502 is "ok" as a preamp. I purchased the 502/557 combo years ago to replace a Forte combo; I really thought the Forte preamp was going to be the weaker of the Forte combo. With that thinking I put the 557 in my system first and left the Forte (Model 2) preamp to see if there was much difference in the amps, it was huge! The 557 was far better, immediately. I then, the same night, replaced the Forte pre with the 502, I should of waited longer so I could of grasped the differences, it didn't seem major to me. Though it didn't "seem" major to me, I really didn't give a fair head-to-head compare to the Forte.

TAS's newest issue has a review of the 502/559 and they speak well of the 502.