Meridian 500 Transport What transport does it use?

I am using this transport and really like it quite a bit, and was wondering even though it is older did it use a really good transport mechanism possibly a phillips CDM 4 or 6 any one familiar with this unit please let me know your thoughts.

I think it is the CDM 4/19
Thanks Sugarbie for your input.
You can tell visually if it's a philips swing arm mechanism (CDM4 or earlier) or a linear tracker (CDM9, VAM1201). The CDM4 laser moves through an arc of a circle. Later philips transports use a worm gear to move radially across the disk.

I have heard that Meridian had to switch transport mechs. midway through the 500 series due to end of life of the older philips mechanisms. You may have to email Meridian with the serial number to get a definitive answer.

If it is a CDM4/19 then replacements are getting hard to find, so you might want to ask them, if you're planning to keep the piece.