Mephisto II transport vs Enkianthus dac

Hi everyone...
This is a question for those of you who had the chance to listen to these two great component separately at the the same time and in the same system. From your point of view, which one of these two audiomeca component did the biggest upgrade (one at the time) in the system you were listening to. Is it the transport or the dac that make the most analog sound. And also what were the other transport/dac used in your demo. I am asking this because there are very few even rare used enkianthus (not the X model) for sale and wonder if I should look for something easier to find in the pre-owned market.
I have heard the two together and the sound was superb.
In my own system I used my enkthuisas with my phillips 880, Sony 7700 and my hotrodded SCD-1 as a transport. I found that the dac was remarkably insensitive to the transport quality. It did sound a little better with the SCD-1, but for my own uses I would have just used my 7700 and saved the cash.

The enkthuisas is one of the very best dac's I've heard and is an upgrade over players such noted players as a stock SCD-1 and accuphase 85. Very musical and three dimensional. Not harsh or transistory at all.

One of my friends sold off his megabuck DCS setup because he preferred the sound of his audiomeca trans/dac.