Mephisto II, Sim Moon Eclipse How do they compare?

I'm curious, What are your thought's on these two players? I am looking to get a dedicated CD player (currently using a Pioneer DVD player). I want something High End, but I don't want to have to spend $6000-$8000 to get something either. So for this reason I have been looking at used players. The two that really caught my eye are the Sim Moon Eclipse, and Audiomeca Mephisto II. How do these players stack up? What are your thoughts? Any input will be most appreciated.
I think you have two fine choices there. I currently have the latest Sim Moon Eclipse. In my sytem the Sim bested the Accuphase DP65V, Wadia 850 and Audio Aero Cap Mk II. I have not heard the Mephisto but based on others comments, (lakefrontroad in particular as he has had lots of amazing gear) you can't go wrong. I expect that the Sim is a bit more resolving than players like EMC UP, Mephisto and the AA Cap, so it depends on what your system sounds like. If you buy right on audiogon, you could easily try each player and keep the one you prefer. Gotta love audiogon for that! If you are curious, the rest of my system is Hovland HP100 MC, Krell FPB600, Eggleston Andras, VPI scout JMW9 with Transfiguration Spirit mk3 MC, cabling is Harmonix speaker cable and ic, transparent reference with xl, valhalla, pc's are electraglide fat man, elrod eps2 and shunyata python. dedicated 20 amp circuits (3 of 'em). By the way, my other two cents, the Sim is the best CDP under 7k- topped only by more money like EMM Labs (I have heard the Meitner gear and am amazed) and probably the 861 with GNSC mods. Good luck and happy hunting.
Yoweeee,Nice parts Brian !!!And thanks for the cd info.
Thank you Brian, your input was very helpful. It's going to be a very tough call as both players are not only some of the best looking around, they both offer the features I'm looking for. From what I read on the Sim Moon Eclipse, the older version had HDCD decoding, the new version does not. Would you recommend getting the newer player over the older one with HDCD? And if so why? Also, what is a good used price to look for on a Sim Moon Eclipse? From what you've told me and from the reviews I've read, the Sim Moon Eclipse is one heck of a fine CD player. Might be just what I'm looking for.

BTW, sounds like you've got one awesome setup. Fine choices in audio gear. I'll bet it sounds great!

Thank you again.
on the sim- try to find one with the HDCD chip (older version) for around $2400-2700, the new one for $3400 or so. I'm not sure if the upgrade is significantly different sonically as I have owned both. The older one requires a single 75ohm bnc to bnc interconnect to bypass the HDCD chip. It is absolutely necessary to reap the benefits of this fine player. I had a fairly inexpensive Sonoran plateau (cactus i think it was)bnc interconnect that sounded fantastic ($200 new direct from the manufacturer on the internet). i tried the inexpensive but well rated stereovox HDXV cable ($75 retail) and the sonoran killed it. As you saw from my current rig, i spend money on cabling when it works. i have tried lots and lots of stuff but in the case of the sim the reasonably priced sonoran did the trick. If you need any more info, jst repost or email me. Best of luck to you buddy!
Both are very good and you will be satisfied.

I choosed Mephisto II.

Thank you very much for your most helpful input. The Sim seems to be one heck of a player. If I can I would prefer to get the newer version without the HDCD chip. I have a question, does it make a difference getting the full size PSX power supply instead of the one that comes standard with the unit. And thanks also for letting me know about BNC cables (if I get an older Eclipse this will be very important). Thanks again and I'm happy to hear that you're really enjoying your Sim :)

Thanks for the info, it's going to be tough deciding between these two very fine players.
The power supply does make a difference- a slightly tighter, fuller sound. However,I'm not so sure the soundstaging is quite as open with the PSX and HDCD chip removed. I think the way to go is buy an older version with the standard power supply. I just saw one go this week- it listed at $2000.00. In my opinion a great deal! Good luck.
Guys, don't believe anything that crazy Camboinc (a/k/a "Brian the Bose Guy") says. His main system consists of a Bose Wave radio and a Mattel "Close & Play" Record Player (but I have heard he has a $6,000 power cord on his Close and Play thus taking it to almost Samsung Direct Drive levels).

Alright, on this serious side, I've heard Brian's system and he is always experimenting to get the best sound possible from his system (just ask me, he is always stealing my cables!!!). He's been able to extract great sound from all of his gear. He's had both Sim players and knows them well. I had always wanted to hear the Sim and when I heard it in Brian's system was duly impressed. Also, it's build quality is exceptional (well, except that thing-a-ma-bob that keeps falling off the whos-a-ma-jungit and cracking the CDs in two! Just kidding!).

Based on your goals and considering that the older units can be had around $2,000, the Sim seems like a great choice to me.

Good luck,


PS- My advice, get the old unit with the PU power supply and have an ABCD pretzel (chips are too fattening and they bloat the sound) installed. Ah hell, just get the Bose!

Yeah, that 10/10 Sim Eclipse for $2000 was quite a deal. It didn't last too long either. The ad was only there for a day and it was Gon. I really like the idea of the full size PSX power supply. I like the way it looks with the player, and it making it sound even better is icing on the cake. So if I find a newer Eclipse that doesn't have the HDCD chip, should I steer clear of the PSX power supply?

I really appreciate all the helpful input you've givin me. Thanks.

Bose Wave Radio and a Mattel "Close & Play" Record Player with a $6,000 power cord....kool!! I want one too :)

Seriously, I know you guy's have got some kick butt systems. I haven't seen any pictures of Brian's setup, but I can only imagine. I checked out your setup and geez what an awesome system it is. It's no wonder Brian likes to borrow cables, if I had a friend like you, I'd be doing the same thing :) Very, very, nice system you've got, I'll bet it sounds awesome!

I just want to say thank you for your most welcome input. The Moon Eclipse sounds like a winner, and I would definitely welcome one in my listening room. Thanks for the laughs also :)
I would go with the PSX if you find a good deal. But dont let it keep you from getting the Sim. Jump on one if you see another deal like the last. Watch out for chucklehead Frank- he is really opinionated and has bose all over the house. Well, with the exception of that room with the Kharma Exquisites, Meitner, Tenor, SME...
Gator buy the damn Sim Audio, your killing me !

If I find one with the PSX power supply at a really good price that will be the way to go. But if I see an Eclipse with the standard power supply in excellent condition at a price I just can't refuse......

Yes, that Frank is great. Bose and Mattel, he cracks me up. So that's why he picks on you, as he's a Bose enthusiast as well :) Seriously, he has one awesome setup. Those speakers are absolutely beautiful, and all that exotic gear really compliments them. It's definitely one of the nicest systems I've ever seen. When I saw the pix all I could do was drool :)

Thanks Brian for all your help, I really appreciate it.

Geeez, you again! Only kidding :) Thanks for chiming in. Buy the Sim huh? Yeah the Sim seems like the logical choice, but, it's a tough call as both are first rate players. But I'm strongly leaning towards the Sim. Thanks for the post, It's great! Gotta love it.
good luck and let me know when you score one. meanwhile, i'll keep hoity toity frank in line. enjoy the music, bro. bri
hoity toity? This coming from Bose Rules Boy? Mr. Snobby Bobby himself! Hey HifiGator, ask "bri" about his 8-track set-up! It's a killer! The only probem is that his "Best of the Cowsils" tape keeps skipping. I told him to tape a penny to the 8-track tape the way he did his "Close & Play" tonearm - that should do the trick!

I thnk the reason the 8-track in his lime green Pinto (or is it a Vega?) doesn't have this problem is cuz he has curb feelers on it and a pair of fuzzy dice to ward off the audio gremlins!!!

Thanks Brian, I will definitely let you know when I score one. Yep, gotta keep that Frank in line :) Cheers!
Gator get the Sim or Guido from North Jersey is gonna come southwest and he will not be in a good mood.

Man, all this talk about Bose, Mattel, and 8 tracks has really got me wanting to join this elite club of yours and Brians. Where can I sign up. I don't have Bose or Mattel (I can get em'), but I do think I have an vintage 8 track laying around somewhere :) It'll be like a retro flashback to the 70's. Groovy man!

Thanks for the laughs Frank, It's great!

My my, to what do we owe this honor? Just when I thought you had fallen off the face of the earth.... Good to hear from you. And you can tell Guido to forget about coming to the southwest because the Sim is currently in the lead. So get a grip :)

I think both players are tops. So I think that it will be a win win situation either way you go. I also have thought about getting one of these fine players myself (currently use a Sony XA-20ES). Good Luck!