meng el84 integrtated amp FM antenna location

I decided I wanted to look into tube audio, so I bought one of those Chinese inexpensive amps. I know most of you guys don't care much for them, but it's a start. My problem is with the FM tuner. It's an automatic search/save tuner which I have no control over. The station I want to listen to is a little weak and it keeps passing up the frequency. Where is the FM antenna (no external connection) and how can I boost the reception?
What is the model of the tuner? It doesnt have a manual defeat?

Off hand the best you could do is get a directional antenna
Well never mind. The damn thing just died. No volume, but can barely hear it at full volume. Any suggestions, tubes, transformer, etc. I'm not going to try and send it back to China !
I have owned Chinese amps that have worked great for many years. I wouldn't generalize some of the stuff is good. It may cost a bit more but the build quality is quite obvious on some of them. As an example just the feel, fit and finish of a Prima Luna piece shouts quality. They are not even all that much.
I have no idea what a Meng amp is. It may indeed be an example of some of the massive amounts of shi**y cheaply built junk pooring out of China and the Pacific rim.
If it is a dead tube that should be obvious and easy to fix . It sounds like you shorted the blank out it. If a tube went down ait could have taken a resistor with it (I have done this myself I am no saint) or as you said a fried tranny or anything in between. A fried tranny equals boat anchor!
Why not test the service though and see what their response is to an evident manufacturing defect if you did nothing to cause the problem. Slow boat to China postage may be worth it. Or who knows maybe they will send you a replacement without a fight.
I googled it $2XX- free shipping, Man that's cheap alright. Any way they show you that you can unscrew the bottom plate . Just look to see if anything actually appears burned.
I have a degree in computer engineering, so I promise you I know what a fried resistor smells like. The circuit board is a two sided deal and all the resistors or on the back side.
I'm a little reluctant to view the underside. There is a lot of wiring to be disturbed. If I send it back, I don't want them to see I've been rooting around. The tubes all light up
and, from what I can see, everything looks fine. What's your best guess; transformer ?
Probably something as simple as a hidden broken connection in the signal path. Possibly within one of the cheap elements they use. Given the plethora of wiring, a poorly executed solder joint, or broken snapin connector termination could be the culprit. I would guess that an internal transformer failure would be unlikely in the absence of any mistake you may have made. I am not an engineer of any kind just an MD with a half baked dillatente's knowledge of electronics from playing, breaking and dissecting equipment for 35 years. So take the value o my free advice for what you paid for it.
Since your an MD, I've got this pain in my side. JUST KIDDING!
Many times the practical side is better than the scholastic Thanks for the help
You were right. This unit is pretty poor quality. So far found 2 poor solder connections. Looking into Prima Luna, a little out of my price range, but may find something.
Thanks, Again