Mendelssohn string quintets

The Raphael Ensemble, Hyperion 66993.

This isn't Beethoven, but it isn't a million miles away either. Both Op. 18 and 87 are lyrical yet muscular, sinewy and engaging, in the Raphael's wonderful, propulsive, chewy performance and recording.

Not beaten track stuff, but well worth making the detour to explore...
Thanks for the recommendation, which I intend to pursue. I've been re-discovering Mendelssohn's string quartets lately -- heard one performed live and it took my breath away, so it sent me back to CDs that have sat on the shelf a long time -- glad to hear them again. Also enjoying a very nice chamber music collection on Naxos by the Nomos Duo ("Complete Works for Violin and Piano"). Also the magnificent Octet -- what an amazing piece.
Jhold--thanks in turn for the recommendation. As for M'sohn chamber music, I only have a disc of the quartets, and one of the--yes, great--Octet. So this will come in nicely.